Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 9: a-MEW-sing

Today the kittens are still doing well, altho Trouble has a little bit of runny stool. I am slightly concerned because the vet said diarhea could kill a kitten in two days. However, the reason for the loose stool is that we had to change kitten replacer brands. We have been using Hartz which is very thick like condensed milk, but Wal-Mart was out and we had to get KMR from the vet and it is think like milk. I am hoping tomorrow Wally World will be restocked and I can get them back on Hartz. Also he is only having the stool after he eats when he gets stimulated, not on a constant basis. Sooo I am hoping this is nothing serious.

The kittens are adorable as always. Today after a feeding the little black on was sucking his thumb (well a digit on it's fromt paw, not sure they actually have thumbs)

Another cute kitty thing today was my 3 yr old son Lil Bit. I was feeding the one with the tail and he said "That's my kitten, that's the one I'm keeping." I asked him what his kitten's name was and he said "I don't know" I told him he would have to give his kitty a name and he said "I don't know who he is yet"...well I guess that makes sense lol.

Just now I heard a kitten mewing from the bedroom and the little black on was out of the nest and mewing around the box. I picked him up and he seemed to be hungry, even tho he just ate an hour ago. I fed him another two droppers full. Since a couple of the other kittens have done this, I am suspecting that perhaps like human babies they are having growth spurts and when they do, they get hungrier.

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