Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 5 (pt 2) Meet the Kittens

Hot of the press pictures of the kittens...Daniel is a great photographer. Here are some pix he just took of the kittens.

The bottom picture is "Trouble" (amber's kitten). This is the one we suspect was the one who kicked so hard before he was born. Poor Avalon would lay on her side while this kitten would kick and roll. On the way home from the vet, right after they were born, I had to pull over because this one was trying to crawl out of the box.

Next up from the botom is "The timid gray one". I call this kitten that because it is the most docile. It almost never tries to crawl out of the box and is the quietest.

Next up from the bottom is the little black one.(Dawn's Kitten) It's obvious why he is called that. S/he is as black as a raven's wing with not a speck of white. He is always wanting to crawl out of the box and is quite vocal.

Last but not least, at the top is the one with the tail. The only one of the litter with a tail, yet the one who looks most like Avalon. If this kitten didn't have a tail, it would be Avalon's twin. This one is the most vocal. It is also the fastest. When put on the bed, this outcrawls all the rest.

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