Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 5: Some things just suck

Another day and the kittens are all doing great!! Last night we had them on the bed so they could crawl around a bit as I fed them. Dewayne was laying on his side so he could corral anyone who wandered too far away. The little black one nuzzled up against him and then went for gold (white gold that is). Let's just say Dewayne will never lay down with the kitens without a shirt on again lmao!! (poor kitty knew a nipple was what he needed,he just found the wrong one)

While that was going on, I held the timid gray one in the palm of my hand cleaning it's bum when it grabbed it's bottom foot with it's front paws and put it's back foot in it's mouth and begin to suck. It was just like a baby grabbing it's foot and sucking it's toes lol. I wish I had had my camera close enough to get a picture of that.

What sucks for the poor kittens (pun intended) is that they have the same sucking reflex and infant have and they don't get to satisfy that. Too bad they don't make itty bitty kitty binkies. When they are grown these guys will probably lick people like a dog.

I am so happy that they are doing as well as they are, and growing and hopefully on the road to becoming awesome adult cats.

I have gotten used ot have my life revolve around "Time to feed the kittens" every two hours. About the time I get to the point where it is second nature, they will be big enough to eat on their own....well I suppose that's what any mother does..she does her job so well that eventually she is out of a job because she has raised independant, well adjusted individuals :)

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