Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 21: The half way mark

The kittens are 3 weeks old today! We are half way to the 6 week mark when Nim and the black one will be able to go to their new homes and the kittens can be considered "out of the woods".

They are growing so fast and walking around fairly well now. I can't go into the bedroom to talk on the phone, because if they hear me talking, they start meowing so loud I can't hear lol. Also as soon as they see me, they ty to climb out of the box.

I have increased their feeding to 6 droppers full of milk. They suck it down fast and it's so cute because their little ears wiggle as they drink it down. When they are dne they purr while getting cleaned up. Especially lightning, he is a purr bucket.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 20: That Bites

The kittens are getting their teeth in! The like to suck my fingers and I have noticed the feeling of little teeth!

They are also learning to walk instead of crawl. They are so cute getting up on their feet and taking a few wobbly steps. Lightning is the best at this, but then again he is the biggest and fastest. I wonder if him being the only one with a tail helps his balance, hence helps him walk faster??

We have come to a bit of a snag. With the heat, we seem to have a few fleas. This is not an infestation, but we have noticed a couple. I have also found a flea on Nim and Jasper.

I called the vet because fleas can literally suck a kitten dry of blood, killing them quickly. The vet said that for the kittens I can wash them in Dawn dish soap to get the fleas off and they have flea boms at the vet's office that tho they cost $12 each, have something in them that renders what fleas may survive sterile.

The only problem is that the kittens cannot be in the house for 24 hours. So sometime this week the kittens and I are going to desend of friends Dawn and Bill for a night while Dewayne bombs the house.

Tomorrow the kittens will be 3 weeks old!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 18: See how big they are

Ok the blog is all caught up except for some here are some recent pix..the latest taken last night.

Oh and Lil Bit is gonna have to share his seems Dewayne like Lightning as much as Lil Bit does..Note the pic of Dewayne with Lightning asleep in his hand.

Day 17 Four of a kind!

I am prety sure that all of the kittens are boys. They all have their eyes open now and I have heard them all purr.

They also have names...well all but the little black one (better get on it Dawn). The one we have ben calling "Trouble" has been named by his owner to be. His name is now Nimway, or Nim for short. I have named the timid gray one Jasper (ok yes I am a Twilight nerd, but also I just like the name Jasper).

And the one with the tail has been claimed by my 3 yr old son Lil Bit. He came up to me one day when I was feeding the kittens and pointed at the kitten with a tail and said "That's my cat. I'm keeping him." I asked him his cat's name and he said "I don't know who he is yet". After a few dys ofme asking he decided that is cat's name is Lightning McQueen (yes he is a Cars freak, but it could ave been worse, his favorite character is Mater). I think Lightning is well named since he was the first to open his eys and when put down is the fastest to run away lol

So now only the black one needs a name...we will wait to see what Dawn will name him....

Day 14 Eyes wide open

The one with the tail and the little black one both have their eyes open. The others are almost there.

Last night during their 11pm feeding, I heard the litle black one purring!! This is the first one I have heard purr!!

Day 10 An eye opener

I have been offline for about a week, but I did kep notes on the kittens' development so that I could update the blog so here goes...

The one with the tail has his eyes opened just a bit. The other kittens all show signs of opening their eyes..All of the kittens are eating well and growing. They still suck their paws like human babies!!