Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 20: That Bites

The kittens are getting their teeth in! The like to suck my fingers and I have noticed the feeling of little teeth!

They are also learning to walk instead of crawl. They are so cute getting up on their feet and taking a few wobbly steps. Lightning is the best at this, but then again he is the biggest and fastest. I wonder if him being the only one with a tail helps his balance, hence helps him walk faster??

We have come to a bit of a snag. With the heat, we seem to have a few fleas. This is not an infestation, but we have noticed a couple. I have also found a flea on Nim and Jasper.

I called the vet because fleas can literally suck a kitten dry of blood, killing them quickly. The vet said that for the kittens I can wash them in Dawn dish soap to get the fleas off and they have flea boms at the vet's office that tho they cost $12 each, have something in them that renders what fleas may survive sterile.

The only problem is that the kittens cannot be in the house for 24 hours. So sometime this week the kittens and I are going to desend of friends Dawn and Bill for a night while Dewayne bombs the house.

Tomorrow the kittens will be 3 weeks old!

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