Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 8: Midnight Snack

Early this morning, I gave the kittens their 1am feeding and tucked them away until their 4am feeding...or so I thought.

I settled myself into bed to get a couple hours of sleep when I heard the sound of a kitten meowing angrily from the box. I checked on them and found the one with a tail on top of the cover towel, not tucked away in the nest beneath it curled into a ball of fur with his siblings. I tucked him back into said nest of fur, and got back into my own cozy bed. Only to hear the same distinct kitten mew from the box yet again.

I got up and there again is the one with the tail, on the top of the cover towel. So I picked him up and thought maybe he just wanted to crawl around a bit. I put him in the bed abd he began to sniff around and try to suck the covers. Dewayne said "He acts hungry". I had already given him two droppers full of formula, but he did act hungry, so I heated another dropper of formula and he sucked it all down and then I put him back into his bed and he settled down to sleep until the next feeding.

This afternoon at the 1pm feding it was Trouble that decided he had not had enough to eat and had to be given an exta dropper full. So I have upped their foumula to a bigger syringe.

Also the race is on to see who will be the first to open their eyes. Right now it looks like either Trouble or the one with the tail wil be first.

Oh and the little black one lost his umbilical cord, so only the one with the tail has a cord left.

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